What is the Mile End Community Mission?

Mile End Community Mission is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization and community centre working with members of the community who have been marginalized by society for a variety of reasons.  Our services are used by people of all ages, many of whom struggle with addiction, are in poverty and/or are homeless. We strive not only to help these people, but to empower them to help themselves. At Mile End Community Mission, it is important that we include the community in our decision-making and program implementation.

Based in the heart of the Plateau, Mile End Community Mission has been in operation since 1991 and has been able to assist over 500 members of the surrounding community who use our services over 35,000 times in a given year. Many of these people have no support, economically or emotionally, and even more are faced with the hardships of exclusion, abuse, poverty, illiteracy, diabetes (over 20%) and other health issues. Our services offer them relief and at times hope. Every week we run a food bank and our doors are always open to offer emergency food kits to those that need them. We also sell clothing and offer emergency clothing as well.

We are happy to say that many of our staff, volunteer program leaders and assistants are the same people who have used our services and continue to use them today.

In offering these much needed programs, services and activities, the Mile End Community Mission counts on and values the dedication of our three devoted staff, our In-House Team of highly devoted volunteers, our summer students, community volunteers and board of directors. “Our inspiration comes directly from the members we serve, people who deal with so many daily challenges, but who are always able to smile knowing there are people who support them.”

Our services are offered in both French and English.