Some Words from Mile End Mission’s Feline Therapist; Mission Belle

Seeing as I’m feline, sensitive, proud, and close to others, I have the desire, in this first column, to tell you about the victories – big and small – of the people at the Mission. 20% of our clientele is diabetic. I want to underline the everyday perseverance and victory of a woman diagnosed pre-diabetic, and her courage to completely change her diet to lose the necessary pounds and not have to use insulin.

I’m not even talking about our three breast cancer survivors of five years, three years, and a year and a half, nor about the grief of the loss of a mother, but more of the small daily victories and the opening of new possibilities in seemingly hopeless and challenging financial and medical situations.

Victory over the everyday takes place as I entertain myself with a string or try to catch the light’s reflection in a mirror. Often as I pretend to be sleeping, I observe the way all these volunteers form an intentional, devoted ant hill to keep our services running…the smile of someone handing out food bank bags…the eagerness of another to clean the table after lunch…and the clothing ‘triagers’. What courage! I would develop allergies without them. When it comes to dish washing, though, we still lack volunteers. A round of applause to thank those who prepare the meals. The courage! To participate for the first time in the Exposition Images de Femmes 2010. I’m telling you, these humans know about survival! All in all, they’re noble and dignified creatures, worthy of your support. I do my part in giving them a paw. All that remains is for you to do the same!

I look forward to seeing you at the Mission. With all the new programs: Mangé santé, sewing, yoga…there’s no room for boredom!

Mission Belle


Words from Mile End