Wanderlust 2018 is coming

1 night only!

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You will embark on a journey to Spain, Portugal and Italy and Cuba. During each performance, a traditional plate will be served, which will offer a unique audio and savory experience.

This rich collaboration between Station Acoustique (Christyna Pelletier), The Mile End Community Mission and the gorgeous Rialto Theatre, along with your support through the purchase of tickets, will allow the Mission to benefit from the funds necessary to make it flourish.


Cocktail with Opa Laï

SPAIN – Caroline Planté, Marcos Marin, Delphine Mantha, Miguel Medina
PORTUGAL- Cathy Pimentel, Danilo Petroni, Nilton Rebelo, Philippe Mius D’entremont, Pierre Alexandre Maranda
ITALY – Marco Calliari, Julie Houle, Amélie Poirier-Aubry
CUBA- Los Animales / Hanser Santos Gomez, Adam Goulet, Juan Carlos Abad, Juan Mateo Berrera Gonzales, Diomer Gonzales, Nestor Rodriguez Vilardell, Javier Munoz Maldonado