Community Art Program

The Mission’s art classes encourage emotional expression through drawing, painting and collage. They offer a reassuring space in which participants can explore interior conflicts or simply express who they are through art. Participants also learn how to use different artistic techniques.

Community art is very empowering. It awakens the imagination and stimulates creative energy, self-awareness and the joy of creating something unique.

Classes are supportive and non-judgmental, and everyone learns at their own pace.  Participants have been helping develop the classes since 2004.


Lynda: I’ve been taking the workshop since 2004. It’s a great way to meet people. I look inside myself as I draw and I find I’m better able to express myself.

Lise: I’ve been learning about myself since 2004. I’ve become more tolerant towards people. I’ve learned to see the beauty in people and things around me. I’m becoming proud of what I do, of being able to keep on with a project right to the end. I’ve realized I am a creative person.

Marie-Claire: I’ve been learning about the different media and techniques for a year now. I’m building up confidence in what I do and discovering my inner self. I’m finding it easier to face conflicts. I recognize more who I am and what I want.

Joanne: It’s hard experiencing social exclusion day-to-day, whether for financial or medical reasons. You can’t follow the frenetic pace of life today without thinking you’re weak, lazy or unwilling – but it’s just that you live at a different pace. These workshops help me accept who I am, that I am different and that art can heal.



Comments and Photos



Claudia Hamilton

Femmes Collectif – Lubo Joanne – Lynda – Marie Claire


Lynda Seasons Book 2




Workshop History

The art workshop was started in 2004 when the director wished to offer art during a gala.

Benefit stars in paper maché. The theme was “Reach For The Stars” and the members of the mission made over 300 stars.

2005-2006: Works of art presented at the Mission’s Open House

2007:  Both adults and children participate in an exposition at Studio O, with the neighbourhood acting as a general theme in the Musee des Beaux arts’ Musee en Partage program. A teacher offers workshops for adults, and the children go to the museum; Olga Dimitri, a russian artist, offers workshops on mandalas.

Exhibition of photo collages taken in the area for our Open House.

2008: Open House exhibition for mandalas; creating hats witht the “Raging Grannies”; participation with Dare Dar and Andrea Cavagnaro, an Argentine artist, at “All Love Is Powerful” intervention; watercolour workshop with Genvieve Odin, local artist ; drawing workshop with Lilison Cordeiro, african artist; participation with CECI and Encadrex at an auction benefiting Haiti.

2009: Open House presentation with a season-themed sketchbook, art exhibition, collective construction of a totem with elements of recover


Benefit Dinner Participation


2010: Participating in “Image des Femmes”


Aided by Ninat Friedland, intern and student of Art Therapy at Concordia

image41 image39
Japanese Zen Art workshop with Eva Halus
Photography with Christopher McMullen

Totem themed community supper,

Mandalas at Open House




Les Images Pour le Dire

image46 image47

Workshop on Otto Dix with the Musee des Beaux Arts

image48 image50

2011: Participation with Images Des Femmes


Mount Royal Cemetery

image52 image54 image53

Dollmaking at Open House

Photography with Christopher McMullen

Comic strips with Romina Sol Catanzaro

image55 image56
Watercolours with Genvieve Odin

Courtney Lester, weekly art therapy



Art therapist Pascale Annuale for haitian families

Community art with Noémie

image59 image60
Benefit Dinner
Equinox Exhibition
image62 image63 image64
image66 image65 image67
image69 image68

2012: Participation in Small, Luminocité at la Ruche D’art



Recycled t-shirts



Recycled DVD cases